the HVAC advent calendar

I love when a company tries to make things fun.

I appreciate when they put some imagination and Whimsy into their daily operations and all of the customers can join in the fun and excitement when they’re making big purchases.

Our local heating plus air conditioner company is entirely fun and creative in the way that they operate plus a lot of the promotions that they do every year, however, I must say the latest promotion this year was absolutely the best. I know it is something was happening when the heating plus air conditioner company started giving out these special little calendars to official clients that they routinely service. I know that doesn’t sound exciting, but here was the special thing about this calendar; It secretly had a deal of the month on certain weeks throughout the year… Each week listed had a special on some kind of HVAC service that you could cash in at that point. It could be on HVAC tune ups, HVAC repair or potentially just something straight-forward. I have to say that I believe I was entirely lucky to have been a loyal client of this particular local heating plus air conditioner business; Otherwise I definitely would have never got 1 of these secret calendars! Thanks to their promotion I was able to get my heating plus air conditioner component tuned up many times this past year for less than usual. I also had a few different air duct plus air duct cleanings! All over this for a entirely low price that no 1 else would get if they tried! I am worried that the year is almost over. Because unfortunately for everyone that means that the secret plus special HVAC calendar is coming to an end. I will stick with this local heating plus air conditioner company so long as they keep imaginatively providing superb HVAC service.

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