Temperature at airport is overheated while flight is chilly

When my family goes on vacation, we usually travel in a car.

It’s less expensive than flying and , this allows us to stop and eat, take bathroom breaks and visit tourist sites.

We can to roll down a window and enjoy some fresh air. I make sure to pack a bunch of toys, games and treats to keep the kids buys. A sixteen-hour drive in the car this past winter was more than my husband and I wanted to tackle. For Christmas, we decided to travel by plane with the kids. The trip took way less time but was far more expensive and stressful. There’s no way to open the windows for fresh air or adjust the temperature. We couldn’t start up the heater or blast the A/C to cool down. When we left home the outside temperature was ten degrees. The whole family needed to bundle in winter gear for the drive to the airport. We lugged our bags across an icy parking lot, waded through several feet of snow and got wet feet. Entering the airport terminal felt wonderful at first. Then we realized they were overworking the heating system. The airport was horribly overheated, dry and stuffy. We peeled off our heavy Winter time gear and stuffed everything inside our checked luggage. As we boarded the plane, the kids were whining about headaches and I kept sneezing. As the plane took off, we got hit by a steady influx of very chilly air. I’m don’t know if there’s actual A/C on an aircraft, but we shivered the whole flight. I adjusted the overhead vent but couldn’t make much of a difference. Our layover was too short and forced us to race to our next gate. We were all dripping sweat by the time we boarded the second plane.

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