ruining the heater with the toilet

sometimes I make mistakes that I wish I could take back. Obviously, you can’t hit the undo button on life so you have no choice but to make mental notes and proceeded differently every day in the future. Learn your lessons, or be forced to repeat them. That’s why I, although I did the worst possible thing yesterday, I don’t think I’ll ever make that mistake again. I over blocked my toilet plus it literally started spraying water and flooded my entire bathroom! I was darn lucky that it did not quickly seep out under the door into other areas in the house! The bathroom was more reminiscent of a mini river it over flowed so bad! I had to get buckets plus a massive water vacuum to get everything up off my wood floors! Then I had to mop the floor as well. The only thing at the time that was honestly unlucky was that I had a portable part furnace situated on the bathroom floor to properly heat the locale when I took showers. Well, at the point 1 the toilet overflow went directly in that area plus killed the portable part heater! The portable part furnace was so entirely drenched in water from being in a mini river that it shorted out the delicate circuits plus broke it forever! I was honestly aggravated by this unfortunate energy crisis because I honestly did not have money at the moment to go out plus buy the family another portable part heater. It was looking like I was going to have to be pretty cold when getting out of the shower in the afternoons. Sure, I could just crank my central gas furnace plus turn the temperature control all the way up but that would be costly. I will just have to suffer for a few weeks well I save up money plus learn to never over stuff the toilet again plus flush it!

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