Neglecting A/C maintenance turns into a problem

Winter time came to an end very early this past year.

  • Our Spring season was unusually brief.

We switched from tons of snow on the ground and temperatures below zero to heat and high humidity. The outside temperature climbed into the mid eighties overnight. The weather warmed up so fast that the snow melt caused tons of flooding. I was so busy I never got around to setting up professional service for the a/c. I shut down the heater one day and started up the central air conditioner the next day. I noticed that the air conditioner made a weird sound and it blew a great deal bit of dust into the house. The air coming from the vents had a musty odor. I lowered the temperature on the thermostat several times because a few of the rooms felt warm and clammy. The temperature throughout the house wasn’t consistent. The air conditioner was also cycling longer and more often than usual. My electric bill was the proof. When I realized how much it was costing me to run the air conditioner, I knew I had a problem. I called for HVAC service. The contractor removed the air conditioner’s cabinet and found a tremendous buildup of contaminants on the components. There was algae all over the condensate drain and mold growing on the evaporator coil. There was a lot of dust, dander and other debris blocking airflow. This was degrading our breathing air. The technician said I was fortunate the air conditioner hadn’t shut down. With a thorough cleaning, tuning and adjustment, he was able to restore like-new operation. From now on, I will be more conscientious about scheduling annual maintenance for the cooling system.
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