Moving south and buying a house with a heat pump

I had never heard of an electric heat pump until my husband and I moved south.

We’d always lived and worked in the northern part of the country, where the Winter season is extremely long and cold.

Harry and I were used to below zero temperatures for approximately up to 8 straight months. We handled our heating needs with a forced air furnace. There was never any reason to install air conditioning. Our main concerns were heating and snow removal. Harry and I were anxious to throw away our heavy coats, snow shovels, rock salt and ice scrapers. Harry and I purchased a home down south that is controlled by an electric heat pump. This compact method combines heating and cooling capacity into a single unit. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there is no combustion process. The heat pump doesn’t use fossil fuel to create heat, which makes it wonderfully environmentally friendly. It doesn’t generate carbon monoxide or any greenhouse gas emissions. The heat pump moves heat from location to another. In the colder weather, it draws ambient heat from the outdoor air, uses a compressor to bring it to a higher temperature as then supplies the heat indoors. The heating process is completely safe, clean and exceptionally energy efficient. The Winter weather in our area never results in temperatures below forty degrees, making the heat pump sufficient for our needs. During the Summer, the heat pump reverses the process to extract heat out of the indoor air. It pumps the heat outdoors, creating a cooling effect. It runs very much like a conventional central air conditioner, only it’s more efficient. Plus, the heat pump helps to combat excess humidity. It filters our air contaminants such as dust and pollen and there’s no need to humidify during heating mode. Harry and I are totally happy with the benefits of the heat pump.

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