Making the drive south for a Christmas vacation with no A/C

Last winter, my husband John and I bundled all the kids into the car and drove eighteen hours to get to the ocean.

We wanted to spend our Christmas holiday on the beach, getting a tan and playing in the waves.

When my family pulled out of our driveway, the outside temperature was down to eighteen degrees. John made sure to lower the temperature on the thermostat to prevent the pipes from freezing while conserving energy. Before we could leave, he and I shoveled snow out of the driveway for half an hour. We scraped they layer of ice off the windshield and needed to preheat the car for twenty minutes. We had the defrost blasting. For the first day of our trip,we ran the heater at maximum capacity. The outside temperature slowly climbed and we were so thrilled to finally open the windows. We really enjoyed the fresh air. However, the heat and humidity soon became an issue. We were forced to put the windows back up and run the A/C, That’s when we realized that the car’s cooling unit wasn’t working right. John and I hadn’t thought to check it before we left. Since we hadn’t encountered any hot weather in a long time, there was no reason to consider air conditioning. For the final third of the drive, we had no A/C. We opened all the windows, but the whole family was overheated, sweaty and short-tempered. We were in a hurry to arrive at our destination. Once John and I carried the bags into the hotel room, I quickly started up the cooling system. The hotel’s air conditioner was modern and effective. We appreciated it throughout our stay. On the first day, my whole family got badly sunburned. We took advantage of the cooling system to sleep that night.


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