Installing a smart thermostat to prevent family from tampering with it

Because of the new thermostat, I take better care of the furnace and air conditioner

My home is sort of crowded. There’s my wife, myself, our four children, my mother-in-law and two large dogs. Fortunately, we bought a sizable house. There’s plenty of bedrooms, ten-foot ceilings, a large sunroom and lots of windows, making the house difficult and costly heat as well as cool. Supporting so many people and such a large house is a significant investment. My wife and I attempt to cut costs wherever possible. Heating and air conditioning adds up to about fifty percent of our yearly energy bills, Because of this, we continually look for opportunities to minimize waste. We’ve upgraded to Energy Star windows, installed insulation, caulked and weatherstripped. My wife and I recently added a wifi thermostat. The former thermostat was far too accessible, allowing everyone to make adjustments. I realized that my kids and mother-in-law were raising the temperature setting in the Winter and lowering the thermostat in the summer. I’d hear the furnace or the a/c running way too often and discover the temperature control had been tampered with. With a smart thermostat, I can lock it. The device requires a code before any changes can be made. Plus, I have easy and convenient access through my smartphone. I get hints to improve energy efficiency as well as reminders when it’s time to change the air filters or call for maintenance. Because of the new thermostat, I take better care of the furnace and air conditioner. I’ve arranged a program so that the furnace and air conditioner automatically adjust when the house is empty or everyone is asleep. This saves us a tremendous amount of money and reduces strain on the HVACequipment.

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