I just wanted to talk to a human

Don’t you completely hate it when you have to try to reach a company for something relatively simple plus you end up with a call center instead? I know I do! There aren’t many things on this Earth that are more upsetting and frustrating to me than getting a robotic answer rather than being able to converse with a real human being on the phone.

It gets to be a huge headache Very quickly plus I can’t sit it, like recently I had to call the brand maker of my brand new central heating plus air conditioner unit.

I made the call because it was regarding the protection proposal I previously bought for it. I expected to be speaking directly to the actual HVAC brand company about it when I picked up the phone. But instead I got some call center clowns! They were utilizing scripts to myself and others appreciate some alien robot instead of honestly talking to myself and others like they were a human being! All I wanted to do was just register my protection proposal for my existing brand current central heating plus air conditioner unit. This wasn’t happening that straight-forward, and I had no idea why. All they kept doing was rambling on plus on about HVAC stuff that had nothing to do with it, going through some highly detailed so called protocol process. All I wanted was to get this HVAC protection proposal registered with the company like I was promised! Eventually I got so mad at this absurd calling script they were reading myself and others that I yelled at them! The call center rep was not even surprised.

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