Furnace repair on Christmas day is expensive

He installed a new belt, lubricate several moving parts and cleaned up any buildup of dust

I tend to look forward to Christmas because I get to spend time with my family. I look forward to cooking a special breakfast for my family in the morning. I like watching the kids open their presents. We spend the whole afternoon playing cards and board games and watching holiday movies. At dinner time, my parents arrive. We all work together to make homemade pizza and fancy ice cream sundaes. There’s always lots of candy and cookies. This past Christmas, we had a furnace malfunction to deal with. I got up earlier than usual because I was shivering under the blankets. I knew that the furnace had quit. The bedroom was freezing cold and there was no hot air wafting from the overhead HVAC vents. I verified that we electricity and made sure a fuse hadn’t blown. I then changed the batteries in the thermostat and cleaned the air filter of the heater. I pushed the reset button, and nothing happened. I couldn’t get the furnace to kick on. I was very reluctant to contact an HVAC contractor on Christmas day. Unfortunately,I had no choice. With the outside temperature at twelve degrees and more snow expected, we couldn’t live without heat. I expected a furnace repair to cost a fortune due to the holiday overtime charges. I tried six different HVAC dealers before I got in touch with someone who was willing to provide emergency service. I was grateful that the contractor was agreeable to coming right over. He insisted that he was glad to be of service. The contractor got the furnace running in less than an hour. He installed a new belt, lubricate several moving parts and cleaned up any buildup of dust. The maintenance cost myself quite a bit, but I was just so happy to have heat.

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