A geothermal heat pump is the most environmentally responsible means of temperature control

My husband Ron and I are focused on environmental responsibility.

  • He and I take the time to recycle all of our cans, glass bottles and plastic containers.

We bring cloth bags to the grocery store and typically ride our bicycles or take public transportation most of the time. Ron and I put in vegetable garden and avoid the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Ron figured out how to irrigate the garden with rainwater. I make homemade compost for fertilizer out of kitchen scraps. As we’ve updated our home, we’ve focused on energy savings. We’ve steadily installed Energy Star rated windows and doors and diligently caulk around them. We’ve installed insulation into the walls, ceilings and crawlspace. When it was time to replace our old heating and cooling system, Ron and I began looking for a more environmentally responsible option. We found that a geothermal heat pump is rated as the greenest form of temperature control on the market. This method of heating and cooling generates four units of energy for every one unit it requires. Ron and I were a little put off by the cost of purchase and installation. However, we made the determination to go ahead with the project. We calculated that the major energy savings each year would recoup the investment in less than six years. We can expect the underground loop to operate reliably throughout our lifetimes. The actual heat pump should not need to be replaced for at least twenty years. The high expense is due to the excavation necessary to install the loop system underground. These pipes utilize the steady underground temperature all year round. The heat pump actually moves heat back and forth between the house and ground. Ron and I are just ecstatic with the geothermal heat pump.
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