My heating and cooling system has been having problems for months now

I have never had to fix much in my house but the last few months my HVAC system has seemed to be on the run.

At first the AC unit was very loud and then it stopped working for days at a time.

I am not one that cares too much about HVAC, but my kids really need AC to function it seems. After days of complaining from my kids about the broken AC unit I would get ready to call an HVAC technician and then the unit would start back up. The last few weeks have been much worse though and I know I have to call an HVAC technician to fix the system. I am not looking forward to paying and HVAC technician but I know that I need to and I will be happy when my kids stop complaining about the AC. I didn’t have much of an HVAC system in my house growing up, the most that I had was a window AC unit so I tend to think that my kids are spoiled! I can imagine growing up with a nice HVAC system and not having it work though, I probably would be a little disappointed. My wife has suggested that when the HVAC technician comes out we get a smart thermostat installed, which I am not opposed to. I have read many energy saving tips that state how much a smart thermostat can help. I think it will be nice to have a new AC system that works well and is quite. We hardly ever use our furnace because it doesn’t get very cold where we live plus we have a fireplace. I can’t tell you how much money it saves to have a fireplace.
Ductless multi split