It’s hard to focus when the room is so hot, but I am figuring it out

As I am writing this article my room is so hot because my AC unit stopped working.

I have had the same window AC unit since I have lived in this house because my parents can’t afford much else.

I am hear to tell you that you can get by without having the best AC system, it just takes some creativity. The first thing that I recommend you do is get some ice, in a way it’s even better than an HVAC system. Whenever I go to my friends houses I sit right next to their AC units and soak it all in, but when I am in my own house and my window AC unit isn’t working I have to figure something else out. I usually put a cold cloth or ice in my shirt and I don’t even miss having an air conditioner. My parents used to have central heating and cooling but it stopped working years ago and it’s so expensive to get an HVAC technician near us. I have actually thought about becoming an HVAC technician because there is only one HVAC company in our town. I know that I could make a ton of money being an HVAC technician because the demand is so high and HVAC technicians can charge whatever they want. I looked at how much it costs to go to HVAC school and decided that it was a little too much for my budget, but I am really excited to see if I can get the local HVAC company to loan me the money. The first thing I would do as an HVAC technician would be to fix my parents HVAC system!

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