I wake up every night because the air conditioner is so loud

The air conditioner in my house is so loud that it wakes me up everyday. I have lived in my house for a few years and the AC system has never been that great. When I first moved into the house we had an HVAC technician stop by because the furnace wasn’t working but we didn’t think to have him look at the AC unit because it was winter. Lately I have been thinking about just making a call to the HVAC technician because I really can’t stand being woken up. I have also heard from friends that I will probably save a ton of money if I switch my HVAC system and I am the one that loves to save money! I can’t wait to see the look on my wife’s face when we go to sleep and the AC system is quiet, I know that she will be happy. She usually doesn’t like to hear the HVAC system either. I am aware that hiring an HVAC technician will cost us a considerable amount of money, but I know that I can’t fix my HVAC system on my own. In the past I have tried to repair my own HVAC system but I was less than successful. There are so many HVAC parts it’s crazy to me. I even watched videos online about HVAC and talked to many people about how to fix my AC unit, but I was never able to be successful. I have been thinking about getting a ductless system installed but I have had central heating and cooling all my life. A friend of mine that just switched off of central heating and cooling said it has made a huge difference and the ductless HVAC systems are the future.

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