I don’t mind traveling but my kids hate when there is no AC

I am not one to complain about much, but my kids on the other hand could complain for days. The main thing that my kids seem to complain about is whenever they are without AC. When I was growing up we hardly had AC, so I am not to sure where they are coming from. I can imagine growing up with an awesome AC system and then being sad when it’s gone, I guess. In my home all we had for an HVAC system was some windows and a fireplace. The fireplace was really nice in the winter and in the summer if it got how there was no AC to run to. When we travel and go camping my kids can barely stand to be without AC so I have been forced to get a camper. We used to go camping in a tent when I was a kid but as you know tents don’t have AC. I tried to find a portable AC unit but I wasn’t very successful. I have tried to explain to my children that they can enjoy the outdoors without AC but they don’t seem to buy it. I get a little bit frustrated that my kids need AC so much but I guess they can’t help it. When I was a little bit younger I bought my first house and the HVAC system was brand new. I don’t think I even used the HVAC system until my wife moved in. I had never really used a thermostat because my family was poor but she on the other hand loved the air conditioner. Now our home has one of the best HVAC systems money can buy, I am sure my parents would love to see my current air conditioner they would be amazed.


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