Babysitting for a rich family

I have been babysitting for the same family for about six years now.

I started when I was in high school and thankfully they let me continue while I was in college.

I am about to graduate from college and thanks to their generous pay I don’t have any student loans. The family I babysit for is very rich and they seem to have endless amounts of money laying around. offered to pay for my college tuition in exchange for babysitting their children. I could not have said yes fast enough when they offered. The family I babysit for is always having work done to their house too. This week they are having radiant flooring installed in all the rooms of the house. Most people will only get radiant flooring installed in the bathrooms or rooms that have tile flooring.however, they are going to have an HVAC company rip up all the current flooring and install tile in all the rooms so they can have radiant flooring. I don’t think I will ever have that kind of money, because I asked my mom how much it would cost to have radiant flooring installed in our house and she just laughed at me. At least I will get to experience this expensive heating system when I go over and babysit. Otherwise, I am not sure that I would have ever gotten to know what radiant flooring felt like. Now that I know, I will not rest until I have radiant flooring in my own home one day.

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