Air conditioners keep insects away

As an exterminator I have observed two usual complications in houses I am hired to work in.

The first a single is apparent: dirty houses were messes are not cleaned up will attract a lot of bugs.

The hour issue is less apparent however just as pressing and that is a lack of a/c. Insects thrive and reproduce in warm, humid environments. They do not do so well in cool, comfortable houses. And little window a/c units do not cut it either. Those tend to not be left on all of the time however only turned on for a few minutes when the patrons are home. Bugs can live with this. No, if you want to combat insect infestations you need to run your a/c all summer time long. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to keep your lake house in subzero conditions to keep the bugs out, then pretty much anything under 74 degrees will suffice. So forget the bug sprays and bug traps and foggers; Just turn on the a/c and keep it on. That, and disinfect up after yourselves. Bugs care about paper waste and food scraps. Of course, if you already have an infestation, you better give me a call because it is too late to simply turn on the a/c. But for those of you who just see a bug now and then, the a/c will make the bugs just move on. Trust me, bugs do not appreciate cool dry homes. They would rather live somewherehotand humid with lots of food to eat.

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