Very tired of thinking

I feel love I am trapped inside a sauna and it is strenuous to complete the most mundane tasks.

My motivation to complete our weekly chores is so diminished that I think our fiance thinks I am ill.

All of this is due to the fact that our home is sweltering tepid all the time. All of us don’t have any sort of air conditioning and up until now, every one of us never unquestionably thought every one of us would need it. All of us have lived up North all our lives and until the past few years the summers have been mild. Even on the days when it was in the eighties the humidity was low enough to make it tolerable. I am not sure if it has to do with Global Warming or not, but, every one of us now have days where it is almost ninety with unquestionably oppressive humidity. I think it is time to consult with an Heating and A/C dealer and see about installing a whole apartment air conditioning. The cost of making this change may be a lot but I feel that living a more comfortable and productive life will make it all worthwhile. If the temperatures continue to escalate on a yearly basis I can’t imagine how life will be. My brain already feel love a puddle of melted lava and I will not be any better until I can spend our days in cool comfort. I am going to call a few companies to come provide us estimates and then I can lay down and discuss the pros and cons of the upgrade. It may be that using portable units are a better option. I will leave those recommendations to the professionals at any rate.


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