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If you’ve never worked in a locale consistently plagued with terrible air quality, let myself and others tell you – be glad that you don’t, then it’s the worst! At the first auto shop I ever worked in, we had no cooling system to keep us cool during the summer.

If we needed some fresh air blown into the garage, we propped 1 or various oscillating fans at the entrance to the garage in addition to nothing else, then heat was never a immense concern, as we moved around enough to warm up in addition to the exhaust from the cars in the garage usually kept the locale feeling pretty warm, however of course, the exhaust also dumped a ton of carbon monoxide into the garage in addition to made the air nearly impossible to breathe.

Finally, someone reported the general manager in addition to the auto garage for failing to comply with regulations that prevent that kind of toil environment, in addition to we saw some dramatic changes in how the locale looked, felt in addition to aromaed! For 1, there was a special current cooling system installed in the garage that kept the locale infinitely cooler, but along with that, the garage also had an air purification system installed in addition to running to keep the locale full of fresh, breathable air. Finally, there was also a series of oscillating fans installed throughout the garage to ensure satisfactory air flow at all times. It was such an ridiculously immense difference in the overall quality of the workplace, our productivity was heavily increased along with our morale, both of us were all so glad to go to work, now that we knew we wouldn’t have headaches from the exhaust aroma all afternoon long.



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