I didn’t know how to advertise my HVAC business.

For over fifteen years now, I have been a heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist.

Over those years, I have seen many changes.

As a new HVAC company, I didn’t even know if digital marketing existed. I knew how to write an ad that could be put in the local newspaper. I knew a printer that could give me great posters and business cards. I could get postcards and send them to the townspeople. I had a good business, but over the years, things have changed. All of my advertising needs to be done online and I don’t know anything about SEO. I was told that it is necessary for me have SEO in order for my HVAC company to survive. I know that nowadays people search for everything online, including for HVAC companies. I knew it made sense to start utilizing the same resources but I didn’t know how. My brother was into this computer junk so I talked to him. I asked him what SEO was and he told me it was the keywords that get put into your website to make it more visible. He did a quick SEO search of my website and he basically told me that it was invisible. When someone did a search for local HVAC companies, mine was not even showing in the search results. He offered to do my digital marketing for me and I accepted. I was really wondering if what he was doing was going to do any good. He took over my website and ‘he packed it full of SEO’, in his words. He told me that he wanted to redesign my website so that it would be seen more easily.


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