How to create a great website for your HVAC company

I am the owner of heating and air conditioning company.

I am not a marketing person, nor do I claim to know anything about online ads.

I don’t really know much about the internet or web design, and I am okay with that. After realizing that the only way to get business was through a website, I sat down and found a solution. I went online and I found a company that did SEO design. I didn’t know what SEO design was, but they promised to pack my website full of SEO and get business flocking to my HVAC company. When we talked, he tried to explain to me what SEO was. He told me it was Search Engine Optimization and it was a way to drive traffic to your website. Apparently, if you don’t have the proper SEO in a website, no one is going to ever see you in a search. He showed me where my website was in the rankings. When we did a search for HVAC companies in our area, my business didn’t even make an appearance. He told me that by time he was done redesigning my website and adding SEO, I would be at the top of the pile. When we checked my rankings, I wasn’t at the top of the pile, but my website came in second. He is going to do all of the maintenance and update on my website. Along with these services, he plans on setting me up with both Google Ads and Facebook ads. I am finding that I am more than making up for what I pay him, in the amount of work his digital marketing is bringing to me.