Out with the old and in with the new

The two of us are legitimately excited, as well as we certainly would be for any other reason.

The two of us work for a company that rarely ever gives us a day off, unless it is a mandated federal holiday.

The two of us have certainly been working 12-hour days, as well as those days can significantly add up when you add an hour or two of drive time. Last Friday, the two of us didn’t get home until after dinner, because of a three-car pileup on the highway. I was falling asleep at the wheel, and very happy that the two of us were in the car together. My co-workers as well as myself are certainly excited for the three days vacation we will get on multiple afternoon next week. It seems that our company is finally up for the task of updating the building Management Solutions. The building Management Solutions is a part of our integral software and supplier office that keeps things running. Right now, we seem to have a problem every other day because our network software is outdated. My co-workers as well as myself have never legitimately had so many problems as we have had this week, which is why the company has decided to shut down for a few days as well as let the it Network Solutions do their thing. Since every single thing inside of our company is controlled by the building Management Solutions, it’s a nice opportunity to get it done the right way. For my co-workers as well as myself, it’s going to be several days at the lake with a fishing.



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