Why can’t I have some cooling?

I love my job.

As a middle school science teacher, I absolutely love coming to work everyday.

The school I teach at is in a pretty run down area and most of the kids are from rough villages… Everyday I try to come in with a positive attitude so that I can help make their days a little bit better. However, this has been harder lately, because my school has been having major issues with the heating and cooling system… As I just said, the school is in a run down area and the school board doesn’t care to invest money in my school because there are other schools that perform better on standardized tests and they use up most of the extra funds. Regarding the issues with our heating and cooling system, our heating and cooling plan hasn’t been absolutely functioning well for about a month now. Every day when I come into my classroom it is so hot that I can barely take it! Most of the kids started to complain so I bought a couple of fans for the classroom. However, the fans are not a good replacement for A/C. I spoke with the principal of the school so many times about the heating and cooling plan, but he hasn’t done anything to change our situation. However, he did let me know that I will not be paid for the fans I bought; At this rate, I don’t know when we will ever have the air conditioner in my classroom again.


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