Wanting ac on the job

My job is very dear to me.

I am a middle school English instructor and I love coming to work each day.

Our school in is in a pretty run down neighbourhood and most of the boys are from rough towns. Everyday I try to come in with a positive attitude so that I can help make their days a little bit better! However, this has been more challenging lately because our school has been having major issues with the heating and cooling system! Like I mentioned earlier, the school is in a run down area and the school board doesn’t like to invest currency in our school because there are other schools which perform better on standardized tests so they consume most of the extra funds. Back to the issues with our heating and cooling system: Our heating and cooling method hasn’t been working properly for about a month now. Every day I come into our classroom it is so tepid that I can barely stand it. Most of the kids began to complain so I bought a couple of fans for the classroom. However, the fans are not an adequate substitute for air conditioning.I have approached the principal of the school so many times about the heating and cooling method but he hasn’t done anything to help our situation. However, he did lead me to think that I would not be reimbursed for the fans I bought… At this rate, I don’t suppose we will have the a/c in our classroom ever again.
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