Humidifier was left on for a week, and disaster ensued

My family and I love to take vacations wherever and whenever we can. Sometimes we get lucky and find ourselves with a week off from work and school, so we take a long trip out of the state to a warm beach, cozy cabin, or anything in between. We don’t always get that lucky, but when we do, we tend to get a little overzealous as we pack up for the trip! The side effect of this excessive excitement is that we might forget a few steps in the pre-vacation preparations. This past winter, my family and I left town during a cold snap, and drove across the country to a warm beach house where the temperatures were in the 80’s all week! We were so thrilled about the trip, I forgot to turn off the heating system – as well as the humidifier in my house. The heating system will automatically shut off after 24 hours of continuous use as a failsafe, but the humidifier? Unfortunately, that piece of equipment is very old-fashioned, and won’t just stop running. Well, since our house has many hardwood floors, the excessive humidity can start to cause damage. When we got home from our relaxing week at the beach, I walked into the house and saw the damage. The floors throughout the entire house creaked and warped with each step I took! I was so irritated, I immediately went over to the heating system and shut off the humidifier. Then and there, I called my local heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair company, and requested a quote for getting a new humidifier system for the house.


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