On a road trip without air conditioner

My luck has not been the greatest lately.

  • I needed to take a 3-hour trip for business last Sunday morning.

I had everything ready to go as I walked out my front door. I did not suspect that anything would go wrong. In truth, the business meeting went genuinely well, but my supplier made a deal that benefited us greatly, and as I was walking into the lobby of the office building where all of us would be meeting, I was particularally thankful for the charming air conditioner I was met with. After such a long drive it felt amazing! The reason that it felt particularally nice was that halfway through my drive to this city, the air conditioner in my automobile provided out on me. Mind you, it’s the middle of June and I live in the Deep South! This trip was taking me even deeper South, so the heat and humidity increased, if anything, during my 3-hour drive. As the coolness I was feeling from my air conditioning system slowly provided way tooverheatedair, I entirely started to panic. If I was forced to open the windows instead of running the climate control system, I knew that it would not do me much good. It was early afternoon around the time that my air conditioner plan failed, and there was nothing however sizzling air outside, however, there was eventually no use to continue running the air conditioner. I opened all my windows for the remainder of the trip, although I was not met with much relief, so I was cheerful to finally arrive at the air-conditioned office building!


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