the cold a/c on the plane

When our kids were still in Middle School, my fiance & I made the decision to take them on a nice foreign holiday. It was the first time my fiance & I were out of the country, & the first time our kids ever flew on a jetliner. The two of us spent weeks working on the passports & paperwork. The government made us jump through several hoops, before we could leave the country for a single week. The kids were thrilled for a few weeks, & I believe that we were excited for numerous months. The bunch of us had our bags packed for a few days before our departure date. On the afternoon of our trip, the outdoor temperatures were rather freezing. The kids wore a jacket, & I wore a sweater & pair of jeans. I’m ecstatic the temperatures were frosty, because the plane ride was even worse. The whole time we were in the air, the air conditioning device was blasting freezing air on our family & I. It must have been 50 degrees inside of the plane. I was easily shivering, & the kids were whining inside the entire trip. I asked the plane stewardess if they could do something to adjust the indoor temperatures, but she said the air conditioning device was set electronically. I do not know if that was actually true, but she really sounded convincing. She did supply us with blankets, however we had to pay several dollars each! By the time our family & I landed, the kids & I were prepared for a sizzling cup of Tim Hortons Latte & a warm biscuit. The bunch of us honestly enjoyed our holiday, & the plane ride back to our dwelling wasn’t nearly as freezing as our arrival flight.

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