I had to be honest with myself

My mom has been living in my home for the past five years. When my dad passed away, she was lonely. I asked my mom to move into the house with my family and I. At first, she protested heavily and gave us every excuse not to leave. I knew that she would like to keep her autonomy, but I really wanted her to make the move. I asked my mom what I could do to help her change her mind. She told me that she would like a new shower in the bathroom. My mom has been complaining about the bathroom shower, ever since my wife and I bought the house. I’m actually not surprised she made this stipulation. I agreed to call a plumber and get some estimates for a new shower. When my mom realized that we were going to remodel the whole bathroom, she knew we really wanted her there. My mom helped pick out all of the features for the new bathroom. She was really excited to work on the process. My wife and I let her choose the paint scheme, and we created a whole new bathroom to go with the new shower. The new bathroom looks fantastic, and I’m glad that my mom made us call a plumber and remodel. I have enjoyed having my mom close, and I think she likes being here too. The grandchildren definitely like having her here, and she spoils them every single day. She gives them snacks before dinner, and she urges me to let them stay up late on weekends. It’s exactly how I hoped things would be.

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