Why are they doing that

Having my parents stay at my home is always a nightmare. My folks are so particular over the climate control that there is no way to make them happy. My mother is going through menopause and is always trying to get the AC system on. My father gets really cold and is constantly adjusting my heater. I have a smart HVAC system and the thermostat is mounted right on the wall. My parents have unlimited access to the heating and cooling system. They are constantly adjusting it on and off. I guess it would not be so bad if that was all they did. Having too much AC or too much heating is doable. I know it is really bad for my HVAC, but a weekend of it is okay. The issue I have is that my parents can’t see really well and read the display screen. As they are changing the temperature, they are changing my smart temperature control program. They mess up my weekly heating and cooling program. They also adjust fan speed, humidity levels and turn off my text alerts all of the time. They don’t know they are doing it, so I can’t get mad. But, I get really irritated that my whole HVAC system is messed up when they leave. I then spend a whole day getting my climate control program back. I get the fan speeds normal, humidity controlled and the HVAC happy once again. They are my parents though. So I just have to grit my teeth and allow them to do what they want.

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