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We shouldn’t ever take things for granted but it is very easy to do. We have so many great advantages in our lives that no matter how bad we have it we should always find something in which to be thankful. However, life has a way of making us forget. I suppose we just get so caught up in everything we are trying to do in life, that we forget to stop and appreciate our fortunes. I realized this, myself, several years ago when a hurricane hit my town pretty hard. Fortunately, the damage to our home was minimal, but the power went out and we lost all our electricity including our beloved air conditioner. I have always had an air conditioner throughout my life, so for the first time ever I got to experience a world without the convenience of modern day cooling appliances. Naturally, being in the middle of the summer in a tropical climate, it made not having an air conditioner, of any sort, downright devastating. Trying to sleep at night was almost impossible and I never knew how thankful I was for having my AC running all the time. It wasn’t just my home’s AC I realized I took for granted, however, looking back it’s probably the thing I took most for granted. I was so relieved when the power finally came back on. As soon as it did, I cranked down my thermostat and made an appointment to have both my heating and cooling components serviced by a licensed HVAC service technician.

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