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There are dark days in my life, for sure. Times that seem cold and desolate, difficult to get through. Weeks that I’m not sure it’s worth getting out of bed, let alone leaving the house at all. Yes, I live in the midwest and it’s currently winter. It’s brutal outside, and every moment of living has started to feel like surviving the cold that seeps in from every direction. Even in the close, comfortable space of my little bedroom, I can feel the cool spirit of winter coming for me. I wrap up in blankets and turn up the heater from the safety of my smart thermostat app, but I know that the freezing cold air waits for me outside. I can barely convince myself to get up and seek food, anticipating the cold reality of the frigid tile floors in the kitchen. Even my thickest slippers can’t protect me from the warmth zapping powers of the ceramic. I long for radiant heated floors, but I know that I won’t be able to afford such a luxury for a great many years, even if I put the heating upgrade at the top of my savings list. The only thing that has helped me one bit is installing my own vitamin D therapy lounge to soak up some rays. I had a skylight installed in my spare bedroom and surrounded the wall with fresh air ducting. Now I can supply maximum levels of heat to the room while I lounge out on a pool chair, soaking up rays from the sun overhead. The only problem is the short window of time I have to see the sun during these damn winters. I guess a ceiling of vitamin D lights will be the next tall order.

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