A problematic issue

The biggest trouble with a/c is that around here in our section of the country, both of us only get a few really hot afternoons per year. It seems like a massive waste of currency. Not only to initially buy the air conditioning system plan in the first site, however then to also spend more in utilities to keep the thing running. Generally, I don’t find that having an a/c plan is worth all that extra currency. On top of all else, an air conditioning system is also exhausting for the environment, which I very  much try to be conscious of in all things. I think people need to be more considerate of our planet. Most of our neighbors don’t seem to be on the same page. If I walk down the road, I see window air conditioning system units and central a/cs humming away. I imagine that the people are huddled inside their houses, unwilling or uninterested in going outside because of the humid heat. The ironic thing about that is how it is exactly the same in the winter… No 1 ever wants to go outside because it gets chilly in this region. So most people is stuck inside, with their gas or oil furnaces blasting, and not breathing fresh air unless they’re running to or from their cars. I don’t understand how someone could just never go outside… I mean in the Springtime and Autumn both of us are blessed with excellent weather; Usually it ranges between thirty and seventy five and varies greatly from month to week. But in general all 1 needs are jeans and a nice cardigan or light jacket and 1 barely turns on the heating or cooling system. If that’s what most people are waiting for though, they’re still spending over half the year hiding inside their houses, waiting for better weather. It all seems deranged to me.

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