I was in a new part of the country

Going through my local bookstore I recently found an interesting book. I actually picked it up and started reading it in the store. It was all about the heating and cooling industry and what it has all become between the beginning of time through the present day. It was really interesting reading about the primitive early days of heating and cooling with old furnaces and window air conditioning units up to the present day inventions of the amazing advanced central heating and cooling systems, the invention of energy saving radiant heated floors and also things like ductless mini-split systems as well as whole-home air purification systems that are fed right into your home central heating and air conditioning system. It was really interesting to say the least! I actually ended up buying the book because the person at the counter was wondering what I was doing and almost thinking I was going to steal something! So, I just paid the 10 bucks for the book and took it home. I have to admit, this book has made me very interested in looking more into heating and cooling technology and the way things work. It may have even sold me on upgrading my own home’s central heating and air conditioning system all together! I actually am going to make a phone call to my local and very friendly heating as well as air conditioning dealer to see what upgrades they have available for me today! I may even look into these radiant heated floors because they look awesome! Indeed, they really do!

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