I noticed a few issues

Something I have not done in quite a long time was going bowling with my pals! I have not gone to a bowling alley in several years, maybe more…and it is something I truly miss doing. I was a top bowler and always scored high and beat my friends! I also miss the greasy food and the musky smell of the old central air conditioning they have in that place. The old smell of the classic era central air conditioning just makes the whole experience more nostalgic for me. It may sound kind of odd craving the smell of an old air conditioning system, but, I am a strange person, so what can I say? The old central air conditioning system they have in the bowling alley is not moldy or giving off bad air quality. It is just old and has that musky smell. It would make some people sick, even though there is nothing toxic about it. Especially if you did not grow up around the old style central air conditioning or heating systems. Even the old window air conditioning units had that similar musky smell, but this is something a lot of people either don’t know about, forget about, or just do not want to remember. Because of the high advancement in heating and air conditioning technology today, the past ways of heating and air conditioning seem like the caveman age. But to me, the old days were the best, even if the heating and air conditioning technology is better today. I think I will call my friends to see if they want to go bowling soon.

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